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Divinity Hot Chocolate

Divinity Hot Chocolate is a premium drinking chocolate mix, which makes a cafe, style thick hot chocolate. Made with real dark chocolate and free of preservatives.


Divinity Hot chocolate is handcrafted in small batches to give you a perfect blend of high quality Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Cocoa that have a luxuriously deep flavor and smooth texture. Just stir in hot milk and effortlessly create a wonderfully warming café style chocolate indulgent drink in the comfort of your home or office! Divinity Hot chocolate mixes come in 4 delicious flavours: Classic , Peppermint, Mocha and Caramel.


Packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar that can be reused or recycled.


Our Classic blend is a take on the rich & creamy chocolat chaud - a satisfying and delightful blend of rich dark chocolate, vanilla and cocoa..



A comforting combination of mellow chocolate and caramel delivers a warm & fuzzy, well-deserved hug in a mug.



A perfect pick me up chocolate goodness with notes of peppermint to be enjoyed as an after dinner treat or just because.



Love your coffee and your chocolates? We have the perfect blend for you to be had anytime or all the time.