I have enjoyed the journey of two professions, two dreams that have both come true. I am known to my patients as Dr. Ashwini Niranjan, the ophthalmologist, and I am also the founder-creator of an artisan food business. Few things give me as much joy as creating delicious food that is as nutritious as it is convenient, that help us navigate busy days, share happy food-time with family, and continue to chase our many dreams.

My tryst with smoothies began in 2016 from a personal need. As a medical doctor, I lead a busy professional life, and all I could find by way of nourishment at the tiny hospital cafeteria were tea, coffee or sugar laden tetra-pack juices. Not keen on caffeine, I was desperate to find a drink which was tasty and healthy. Thus began my experiments with smoothies as a mid-morning drink to keep me full and refreshed between those early-breakfast-late-lunch schedules. I sourced a variety of seasonal fruits and packed them with oats, nuts and seeds to boost the nutritional value of my drink. My friends and colleagues loved them too and from there began my quest to create the most delicious and nutritious smoothie mixes which were perfect for busy days.

It was not long before I began to package my creations in glass jars to share with fellow food-lovers at our local friendly flea markets. As the smoothies continued to receive love and positive feedback, I decided to make them available to other healthy food enthusiasts. After several trials and consultations with food scientists and nutritionists, I am delighted to offer these smoothies in convenient packaging and with affordable prices on several retail forums.

I have thoroughly enjoyed chasing this dream of tasty, healthy, convenient smoothies. The dream now is to create more such mindful food products to nourish and nurture our bodies, to improve our individual and collective wellness.

My approach to my food venture is exactly how I practice medicine: friendly, approachable, and attuned to the latest scientific innovation. In this cosy community, everyone is part of the greater goal, inspiring those around us to enjoy good food, stay healthy and always give their best.