Celebration and Sustenance

Cakes are magical things.
They can turn any day into an occasion, a celebration. We make that magic happen.
We create bespoke cakes and confections for celebration and sustenance.
Our flavours are unique and our designs modern, minimalist, and creative.

cakes and confectionery

Each Cake is imagined anew.
Decadent cakes that are customized as per your preference and
decorated in our unique style.

Artisan Baker

My love of food and baking has come from extensive travels in India and Europe, through my passion for reading and a need for finding a dynamic medium to express my creativity.

We also conduct small group baking classes for adults and children to teach essential baking techniques. These classes will also encourage you to discover your own style and joy in the process of cooking and baking for your loved ones.


We curate gifting solutions for corporate events & special occasions

The Cake not only looked like a piece of art but tasted divine.


The best Marshmallows I’ve ever had. Seriously, so good! The Hot chocolate is just delicious

The cake was just how I imagined it to be. Really enjoyed it. It had that personal touch and attention to detail. Everyone appreciated the taste and quality


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Journaling on Food and ART

Featuring Artists, Creators and collaborations with Intoxicake

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Precious Red Rubies

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