Who can have smoothies? 

Smoothies contain fruit and superfoods and hence are naturally good for anyone, over the age of 1 year.  Avoid it if you have allergies for nuts, gluten or lactose.

When is a good time to have smoothies? 

Our smoothies are designed to tackle hunger. One glass of Nourish Smoothie will keep you full for several hours. So, have it for breakfast, as your mid- morning meal, your evening snack or post work out refresher. 

Will it cause weight loss?

Our smoothies are low calorie, low in sugar and will take care of your hunger pangs. It would be a great addition to your diet any time of the day. With a disciplined exercise regimen and diet plan you should be able to achieve your weight loss goal. 

Is this a meal replacement drink?

Nourish smoothies contain fruits, nuts, oats and superseeds to keep you full and hence they can be had to curb your hunger. We have not included any fortifications or supplements which will give you the exact calories and nutrients which a full meal will provide. 

Can I give it to kids? 

Yes! Please do. Our smoothies are made only with natural ingredients and contain only about 1 tsp added sugar per serve which is considerably less when compared to other readily available fruit drinks. Kids would love the taste of natural fruit and it will keep them full and prevent frequent junk food snacking. 

Can I make it with water instead of milk? 

No. It doesn’t taste very good with water. If you are avoiding regular dairy milk, try it with fruit juice or dairy free milk such as soy or almond or cashew milk. 

Once I’ve made a smoothie, how long can I keep it? 

You can make your smoothie and carry it with you in a hot/ cold flask to have it later. It should keep well for 4-5 hours. 

Can I microwave it to heat it up? 

Yes. You can make the smoothie and microwave it to warm it. 

How do you powder the Fruit in your smoothie mix

We use spray dried fruit powders to make our smoothie mixes. Spray dried fruit powders are made by dehydrating pure fruit pulp and then pulverising it. 

Think of it as dried and powdered natural fruit where all the nutrients and natural sweetness is preserved.

7kg of fresh fruit yields 1 kg of spray dried, so when you have 1 serve of smoothie mix, it is equivalent of having a bowl of fresh fruit. 

How do you add the other ingredients?

We chose a slightly different set of superfoods in each flavour to add variety and enhance the nutritive value of our smoothies. All ingredients are used in their natural form without any further processing. Natural Almonds, Peanuts, Oats and flax seeds are powdered, while chia seeds are used whole. 

Why do you use stabilisers?

Since all our ingredients have different densities and miscibility, we need something to prevent the separation when you add to milk. Xanthan gum is a natural stabiliser and is used in the concentration of 1%

How do you make a smoothie?

Take 25g of Nourish Smoothie Mix in a glass or shaker. Add 200ml of milk or dairy free alternative to it. Shake or stir till fully dissolved. You could use chilled or warm milk as per your preference.

Why is the smoothie grainy?

The smoothie contains unprocessed and powdered ingredients such as Oats, almonds, peanuts, Flax and Chia seeds which give the smoothie a coarse texture and sometimes may settle down in the glass. All of this is the good stuff, so drink it up and scoop it out with a spoon and eat it. 

Can I add fruits to it?

Absolutely! In fact, if you can make a smoothie with fresh fruits and superfoods, it would be the best! Our smoothie mixes are for those occasions, when you don’t have time to make a smoothie from scratch. You could blend 2-3 tablespoons of Nourish smoothie mix along with frozen fruit or frozen bananas and 200ml of fruit juice or milk and make it fruitier and tastier.

Can I add protein powder?

Yes. You can add any protein powder to your smoothie and increase the protein content. 

How else can I use the smoothie mix? 

Nourish Smoothie is versatile! You can add it to your cornflakes or muesli and enhance your breakfast cereal. Try adding Greek yogurt instead of milk and make yourself a bowl of fruit yogurt. Go ahead and be as creative as you like. 

Customer Care Questions 

Do you ship Pan India?

Yes! We ship across the entire country

Do you ship outside India?

Unfortunately, not yet, but soon!

Are you available in other stores?

Yes, we are available in stores of Simpli Namdhari in Bangalore. 

We are also available on Amazon India. 

Do you work with bloggers?

Yes, we are always happy to take on barter collaborations with bloggers to create meaningful content. Do share your page handle and viewership details with what type of collaboration you have in mind to info@intoxicake.in 

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your safety is our priority. During an uncertain period, we want to take the time to reassure you that we at Intoxicake and Winidoc superfoods are taking every safety precaution to ensure your food is handled and packaged keeping in mind the strictest hygiene measures. Our team is checked for temperatures at regular intervals throughout the day and our surfaces are sanitized in keeping with government regulations.